My feet (Paragliding)

My feet (Paragliding)
My feet (Paragliding)

domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Web 2.0 and Microsoft Office in the classroom

I enjoyed these lessons a lot. As you already know, I work mainly with adults and I like to make my students work using the Web 2.0. I prepare many activities for classes using Microsoft Office as well. Despite these facts, when I finished the lessons, I got quite sad when the following question came to my mind: how feasible is all this in the Venezuelan Education System at the moment?
When you take a look around a few schools you realise how poor education is in terms of using technology. A very low percentage of schools have a computer lab, or at least some equipment such as video projector or computer. What is more, according to many of my colleagues’ experiences, there is a “syndrome” in “old school” teachers; most of them don’t care about making courses to learn how to use technology effectively to improve the learning process.  All this culminates in demotivated students towards the school as the world they live in school is kind of a “sub world” to the one they live in.

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Getting started module

I'm sorry for the delayed posts mates! I couldn't get into the platform before due to the mainteinance problems. I have also being extremely busy at work. From now on I'm going to be participating in blogs and working on the modules mostly on Fridays and on any free time I can use for this.

Gettin started module

It was nice to take a quick look at the other participants profiles and know what everyone is up to. I also reflected a bit about getting in touch with work mates and students via e-mail. Good start! So far so good.